Monday, March 27, 2006

No Hand Signals ...

Armless driver was steering with his foot
By Paul Chapman in Wellington
(Filed: 25/03/2006)

Police in New Zealand who stopped a speeding motorist were shocked to discover that he had no arms and was using one foot to steer the car while operating the pedals with the other.
The 32-year-old unemployed man, who told officers that he had been without arms since birth, claimed to have been driving for years without incident.
He had no driving licence or insurance and had never taken a test.
His automatic car was of standard factory construction and had never been adapted for anyone with a disability.
Police said that on Thursday a patrol clocked the vehicle at 75mph, almost 15mph above the speed limit, on a busy road near Tauranga, in the North Island.
Senior Constable Brent Gray said that when he approached the driver's window he saw a foot up on the dashboard and noticed that the seat was reclined.
The police officer said that at first he thought that the driver had an "attitude" then he noticed the man's armless torso.
Sgt Deirdre Lack said yesterday that she had no idea how the man had managed to get away with driving for years without being caught.
Daily Telegraph


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