Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ryanair and There ...

Pilot lands passenger jet at wrong airport
By James Burleigh
(Filed: 30/03/2006)

A pilot who landed his passenger jet at the wrong airport in Northern Ireland was being investigated by aviation authorities last night.
The unnamed pilot touched down his Airbus A320, operated on behalf of Ryanair by Eirjet, at the Ballykelly military airport five miles short of his intended destination at City of Derry Airport.
The pilot is said to have announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have landed at the wrong airport.
One passenger said: "As soon as we arrived at the military base... the pilot apologised that we may have arrived at the wrong airport. Everyone started laughing and thought it was a joke."
Daily Telegraph


Blogger colcam said...

Illegal Rendition - Irish style.

9:16 AM  
Blogger ByronB said...

Accompanied by T Wogan all day - pure torture!

3:40 AM  

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