Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Archie ready for comeback after 40 years in a suitcase
By Stephanie Condron
(Filed: 11/04/2006)

Ventriloquist's dummy Archie Andrews could get a new lease of life after being packed in a suitcase for more than 40 years.
With his elegant blazer, haughty voice and cheeky schoolboy temperament, the 4ft doll was a popular radio and television star in the 1950s but he slowly sank into obscurity after ventriloquist Peter Brough retired in the 1960s.
And when Mr Brough died aged 83 that might have truly been the end of Archie's days in the limelight.
But now a fan who paid £34,000 for the dummy at auction has said he is considering offers from ventriloquists keen to work Archie.
On stage, Mr Brough's lips could clearly be seen articulating Archie's tones.
But such flaws were irrelevant on radio and the twice weekly BBC show, Educating Archie, attracted a combined audience of 16 million listeners a week.
Daily Telegraph


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Oh Dear, you've just reminded me about Archie - and reminded me I'm old enough to REMEMBER Archie.


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