Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Baaaad Idea?

Dutch mayor bans adverts on sheep
April 26 2006 at 03:47AM
The Hague - The mayor of a Dutch village has put a stop to a "lease a sheep" programme that would place advertising on the backs of the animals grazing in the fields.
"The local law bans advertising at the side of the motorways, no matter whether the advertisement is on a billboard, or on a sheep, or on a dinosaur," said Yde Wierda, a spokesperson for Bert Kuiper, the mayor of the north-western village of Skarsterlan.
The mayor has also decided to impose a €1 000 fine on any farmer who rents out his beasts.
And 12 sheep in the region since late on Monday have been wearing a new sign: "Thank you, Mayor".
Independent Online


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