Sunday, April 02, 2006

How to parse exams...

More than 200 exam papers spoilt by obscenities and lewd doodles
(Filed: 02/04/2006)
The good news is that pupils are spelling words correctly on examination papers. The bad news is that they are of the four-letter variety.

Statistics released by the exam boards have revealed that more than 200 candidates who sat GCSE and A-level papers last summer scrawled offensive or obscene words on their scripts.
Those of a more artistic bent defaced diagrams or drew lewd doodles on their papers.
One student ended his half-hearted attempt at answering the set questions with a line that was guaranteed to attract the examiner's attention: "Give me my f****** grade". Another simply defaced the front and back of their paper with the same expletive in giant lettering.
Sunday Telegraph


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