Thursday, April 20, 2006

More SatNav fun ...

Sat-nav drivers land in deep water again
By Richard Savill
(Filed: 20/04/2006)

Motorists were furious at being stranded in up to 4ft of water yesterday after satellite navigation systems sent many away from a road closure and into a river.
Cars, vans and motorbikes have come to grief because the systems send them across a ford on the Avon, in Wiltshire.
The problem - near the village of Luckington - has occurred because a main road a mile away is closed, following the collapse of a wall, and drivers are warned to "seek alternative routes".
Most satellite systems send traffic into the village and across the ford, known locally as The Splash, in the hamlet of Brook End.
Locals are reported to have been charging as much as £25 to pull motorists out.
A depth sign warns drivers of the danger but villagers have complained that it was put in the wrong place. Mrs Bennett said: "The sign has been put where the water is shallowest. It's ludicrous because it means you have to drive through deeper water to get through."
Daily Telegraph


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