Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Payaway Days

Council pays £2,800 to chase 10p parking fee on 'free site'
By Paul Stokes
(Filed: 26/04/2006)

A judge was left "speechless" after being told that a council that has pursued a motorist for an unpaid 10p parking charge is now allowing everyone to park free in the same place.
Nick Newby, a former Royal Marine, has so far attended six hearings in a case that has cost the public more than £2,800.
He says that he saw no pay- and-display sign at the entrance to the car park which he used while going to the library in Mirfield, West Yorks, in February last year.
Mr Newby, 45, was angry to find a £30 excess notice on his windscreen when he returned. He refused to pay and was later fined £50 and ordered to pay £250 towards the costs incurred by Kirklees council in bringing the case.
Mr Newby, from Gomersal, near Bradford, appealed against the conviction and the matter has reached the High Court in Leeds.
After being told by the council's barrister that the car park was now a free site, Judge Rodney Grant said: "I am speechless."
Daily Telegraph


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