Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Worth Waiting For ???

After 30 years of suffering in silence, Trudy finds her voice on The Archers
By Stewart Payne
(Filed: 04/04/2006)

For 30 frustratingly silent years, Trudy Porter has sat behind the reception desk at Grey Gables, unable to defend herself against bossy Caroline Pemberton or raise her voice in protest when overlooked for promotion.
As one of The Archers' "voiceless" characters she is ever present, but never heard. Maligned by Caroline, the manageress of Jack Woolley's country park hotel, she has, like Peter Pan, never aged. Since 1976 she has been referred to as a flighty, incompetent and unreliable girl, whose elevation from waitress to receptionist was too good for her. If things go wrong, it is usually Trudy who gets the blame. And now, just as she prepares to leave without really having ever arrived, she gets to speak.
In the series, Trudy Porter has announced that she is leaving and finally gets to give voice before snooty Caroline during a visit to Grey Gables by Terry Wogan.
When Wogan arrives Caroline is in a flap and looks to blame Trudy. But she is upstaged by her downtrodden employee who, it emerges, is remembered by Wogan for having entered a quiz that he hosted.
Daily Telegraph


Blogger colcam said...

Lol. I gave up listening to the Archers many moons ago.

Thanks to you I've just READ an episode!!!

Fascinating, too.

11:39 AM  
Blogger ByronB said...

I read a biography of the Archers written by one of the script writers years ago - it was set up to advise farmers of new farming methods, so mit was partly government propaganda!
Recently they have tried to do the same again to persuade people not to use 4x4's if they don't need to.

3:42 AM  

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