Monday, May 15, 2006

...and here's a corny story...

Sweetcorn 'drives us round the bend'
By David Sapsted
(Filed: 15/05/2006)

The increasing popularity of sweetcorn has had an unexpected side effect - it is now the main cause of blocked drains.
Home owners pouring corn down the sink are blamed for the fact that tons of the maize hybrid are having to be removed from blocked drains and sewers by water firms.
Bill Lilly, Severn Trent's general manager for sewage treatment, says that while every-thing from bicycles and shopping trolleys to jewellery and false teeth present temporary problems, it is run-of-the-mill items that are the main offenders.
"Believe it or not, sweetcorn is our number one item in terms of volume and nuisance factor," he says.
Other items in the top 10 include medicines, cotton buds, nappies, sanitary products, condoms, and items of underwear and clothing, especially socks and tights.
Daily Telegraph


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