Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I believe everything a survey tells me...

Women claim cash is not important
By Sally Pook
(Filed: 23/05/2006)

Women don't want millionaires. They don't want high-earners. In fact they don't even want a man with a salary.
A survey published yesterday said women claim money is unimportant when choosing a partner.
Someone here, as Alan Clark once said, is being economical with the actualité.
A staggering 83 per cent of women questioned by First Direct said they would be happy to go out with a man who earned much less than them or was unemployed.
On the dating tick-list, did not a job always come under the "essentials" section, along with a sense of humour and original hair and teeth?
Kath Parrington, of First Direct, said: "This is a reflection of the fact that women are taking more control of their own finances and are more independent."
The survey found that 93 per cent of women would not turn a man down just because he was not a high earner. Only three per cent said they would consider breaking up with someone who did not earn enough.
Daily Telegraph


Blogger Bob said...

Fascinating but it doesn't match my personal experience. When I had my companies and was doing well I had to beat women off with a broomstick. Before that I had no problem finding a date despite being married but was not aggressively pursued as I would be when successful. I could go into a psycho analysis of women but don't have room here. It would be fun and stir up a beehive of opinion. Hmmm..Nah, not this time

5:44 PM  
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Blogger ByronB said...

Yeah, I suspect that the surveyees went into "questionnaire mode" when they gave their answers - that parallel universe where you can say and believe what you like!
Anyone who wanders around with a clipboard in their hand pestering people with silly questions deserves all they get, I reckon.

12:50 AM  

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