Sunday, May 07, 2006

QPR director 'was forced to quit at gunpoint'
By Duncan Gardham
(Filed: 05/05/2006)

A boardroom takeover turned into "something out of a gangster film" when a football club director was told to resign at gunpoint, a court heard yesterday.
Gianni Paladini, a member of the board of London team Queens Park Rangers, was asked to join another director in an office at the club where he was confronted by a gang of "hired muscle", Blackfriars Crown Court was told.
"I don't know whether some of you watch television and see The Sopranos", David Williams, QC, prosecuting, asked the jury. "This is like something out of a gangster film. It was against this scenario that Gianni Paladini was forced to write his own letter of resignation.
Mr Williams said: "There were those at QPR who wanted Gianni Paladini out and chief amongst them was David Morris." Morris apparently asked Mr Paladini if he could "have a word" immediately before their side kicked off in a game against Sheffield United.
The court heard the two men were alone in the chief executive's office when six men burst in. A gun was placed on the table in front of Mr Paladini and he felt another gun pushed into his head from behind.
Mr Paladini was allegedly told to resign his position on the board of directors and surrender his shares and was ordered to leave the ground and never come back.
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