Monday, May 22, 2006

A Word in Your Ear ...

Pssst, have you heard the latest ... gossiping can win you friends
Last updated: 20-May-06 01:37 BST

IT'S official - gossiping really is good for you. Scientists have revealed that it can win you friends and boost your self-esteem. Researchers studied relationships between office workers over a period of 12 years and discovered that although some gossips caused problems, in general there were positive effects.
"We certainly do not deny that gossip behaviour has it drawbacks," said Professor Jennifer Bosson, of the University of Oklahoma, who led the study. "But we believe that shared, mild, negative attitudes towards others can create and amplify friendships.
"Sharing negative attitudes about others may actually promote closeness and friendship."
The researchers, whose findings are published today in the journal Personal Relationships, also found that the biggest gossips often find their actions addictive.


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