Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's not dead, it's resting!

Hirst's pickled shark is rotting and needs to be replaced. Should it still be worth £6.5m?
By Nigel Reynolds, Arts Correspondent
(Filed: 28/06/2006)

Damien Hirst's pickled shark, the most valuable and iconic symbol of the 1990s boom in conceptual art in Britain, is rotting and is likely to be swapped for a fresher specimen.
The Art Newspaper will reveal this week that Hirst is in talks with the work's owner, Steve Cohen, to replace it before it disintegrates.
The American hedge fund multi-millionaire bought the shark for £6.5 million less than two years ago.
According to The Art Newspaper, the 14ft tiger shark, suspended in a tank of formaldehyde, is deteriorating rapidly because of the way it was originally preserved by Hirst.
The solution is now murky and the shark is showing considerable signs of wear and tear and has changed shape.
The installation - Hirst gave it the title The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living - was created in 1991.
The physical impossibility of death . . . was commissioned from Hirst by Charles Saatchi for £50,000.
Daily Telegraph


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