Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Love Thy Neighbour?

Seven year-old attacked for wearing England shirt
(Filed: 21/06/2006)

Your view: have relations between England and Scotland deteriorated?
A seven-year-old boy has been attacked in Scotland for wearing an England football top.
Hugo Clapshaw had been playing a game of football with his father in Edinburgh at the weekend when a man shouted abuse and punched him.
Lothian and Borders Police today called the attack "cowardly and pathetic".
His father, Damon Clapshaw, a 34-year-old finance worker from Edinburgh, told the Scottish Sun newspaper: "Hugo was just wearing a football top, that's all he did wrong.
"Has the Scotland-England rivalry come to this?"
He told how the man ran up to his son in the park on Saturday and shouted expletives at him.
Hugo was punched in the head before the man turned on Mr Clapshaw, punching him to the ground and kicking him.
After the attack, the man apparently shouted: "This is Scotland, not f****** England."
Hugo told the newspaper: "The man whacked me very hard. He was a lot bigger than me. I am still going to wear the top. My mum bought it for me because I'm supporting England."
A police spokesman said: "We will not be advising people not to wear England shirts."

Meanwhile, police in Aberdeen were hunting a man who attacked a disabled driver yesterday because he was wearing an England shirt and flying a St George's Cross from his car.

Daily Telegraph


Blogger colcam said...

My view?

Like the vast, vast majority of Scots people I am disgusted and ashamed at these attacks.

But - and it doesn't make the violence any more excusable - the behaviour of the tabloid press and certain politicians (before these attacks took place) has been questionable to say the least and, for once, I don't mean Jack McConnell for being honest (a rare treat indeed) about his support for T & T.

And, for the record, the only thing I support is avoiding any sight or mention of "kick the ball".

5:55 PM  
Blogger gazza27 said...

Do you think it might be sour grapes coz Scotland wernt good enough to make it to the world cup?

7:34 PM  
Blogger ByronB said...

It's clearly an aberration - all the same, I don't think I'd wander down Sauchiehall Street waving a St George's flag.

You might be heartened to know I haven't had any abusive phone calls from my Scottish brother-in-law, either!

2:48 AM  

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