Monday, June 19, 2006

Party Poopers

Parents worry themselves sick over parties
By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent
(Filed: 19/06/2006)

Competitive parents are making themselves ill with worry about whether the parties they organise for their children's birthdays will be as much fun as those thrown by other parents.
A survey of children's birthday trends reveals that parents spend an average of £129 on their child's birthday party, and are three times more likely to experience a stomach upset in the run-up to the big day than their child.
Children questioned in the survey, however, would happily give up the lavish party and go back to basics with a game of pass-the- parcel or musical chairs.
While mothers and fathers are opting for more high maintenance gifts and gadgets such as PlayStation2s, Game Consoles (28 per cent) and iPods (20 per cent), children are more excited by traditional toys.
Outdoor gifts such as bikes, skates and skateboards are hugely popular with nearly half of children. Boys hope to receive sports kit or sports equipment (49 per cent) and want to play football at their party (42 per cent). Nearly half of all girls would like a trampoline and 51 per cent want to spend their party dancing.
Other party activities for energetic and lively kids include bouncy castles (45 per cent) and 10-pin bowling (39 per cent). But 34 per cent of children still enjoy simple party games such as pass the parcel and nearly a quarter (23 per cent) like musical chairs.
The majority of adults think their child would prefer to hold their party at a large hired venue such as a swimming pool. But children would actually rather stay at home, with 59 per cent wanting their best friend around for some fun rather than a big organised party with the whole class.
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