Thursday, June 15, 2006

TWO for the price of ONE

Speed trap driver moved 40mph sign to 'prove' he wasn't breaking the limit
By Nigel Bunyan
(Filed: 15/06/2006)

A motorist is facing jail after trying to evade a speeding ticket by removing a 40mph road sign and attaching it to a lamppost 10 miles away.
John Hopwood, 44, then took a photograph of the sign in its new location and submitted it as evidence.
He came up with the ruse after being caught speeding at different locations on April 4 and 5 last year.
On the first occasion, in Manchester, a speed camera caught him driving at 48mph in a 40mph area, while on the second, in Rochdale, he was recorded travelling at 41mph in a 30mph zone.
Hopwood realised he had no chance of avoiding the first fine, but thought a little ingenuity might enable him to evade the second. He took a photograph of the sign in its true position, then removed it and took a second photograph of it in Albert Royds Street, Rochdale.
Both photographs were submitted to police as evidence that in the second offence he was only marginally above the speed limit. For good measure Hopwood, of Hazel Grove, Stockport, wrote to the city's central ticketing office to say he felt "angry, upset and shocked".
Unfortunately for him police brought in a university academic to prove that the two supposedly different signs were actually one and the same.
Daily Telegraph


• A motorist was spared prison yesterday because he has dementia and cannot remember that he is banned.

Keith Edwards, 57, of Blackley, Manchester, now has 30 convictions for driving while disqualified. Yesterday, Llandudno magistrates gave him a 12-month conditional discharge after hearing that he had been stopped in a hire car at Conwy.
Daily Telegraph


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Ey.........run that past me again......

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Blogger ByronB said...

If you decide to use either of these methods to get out of your next speeding ticket, let me know what happens.... :)

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