Tuesday, June 20, 2006

United We Stand ...

Travel guide criticises bland, sqalid UK
(Filed: 20/06/2006)

A new travel guide to the British Isles has criticised Buckingham Palace for being "as bland as it is possible to be".
The Rough Guide to Britain calls the Queen's home a "graceless collossus" that visitors "pay through the nose" to see.
It also takes a swipe at the gap between the rich and poor in the UK.
Britain was a place where "multiple homes are the rule for some and squalid homelessness the norm for others", the Rough Guide says.
On the nation's identity, the guide says: "If you were planning a country from scratch, you would never force England, Scotland and Wales together into a single United Kingdom."
Wales is "resentful of English dominance" while Scotland is "happiest as far away from both as possible". According to the guide: "Nobody can agree on what it means to be British."
Daily Telegraph


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