Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fat end of the wedge?

NHS has to buy tougher beds to cope with fat patients
By David Sapsted
(Filed: 26/07/2006)

Increasing obesity is forcing hospitals to spend thousands of pounds on reinforced beds to accommodate patients weighing more than 40 stone.
Mortuaries are also having to increase the size of fridges in which bodies are stored as figures show that more than two thirds of the UK population are now clinically overweight.
The issue was highlighted yesterday when the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital announced that it was having to spend £40,000 on equipment - including beds, hoists, armchairs and commodes - to cater for very fat patients.
Two months ago, a distraught Norfolk family was told that their dead mother could not be cremated in her home city because, at 22 stone, she was too large for the crematorium.
The body of Penelope Stapleton, 61, from Norwich, who died from a heart attack, had to be transported more than 100 miles for cremation in Watford.
Daily Telegraph


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