Monday, July 10, 2006

Lucky escape

Millionaire 'staged attempt on his life to frame eldest son'
By James Langton
(Filed: 09/07/2006)

It was an open-and-shut case, John Donovan, a millionaire businessman, told police investigating the attempt on his life in a New England car park.
His gun-wielding attackers, whose bullets were miraculously deflected by his belt buckle, had been sent by a member of his own family, with whom he was locked in a bitter legal battle.
After months of investigation, the authorities have reached a different conclusion. Donovan, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is believed to have staged the attack on himself to frame his eldest son, James, a managing director at Goldman Sachs, the investment bank.
Donovan, prosecutors say, fired the shot that shattered his car window on a dark December night last year. He even gave himself a flesh wound, while blasting holes in his own clothes, before scattering the empty bullet cases around the car park in a suburb of Boston.
Police also say they caught Donovan altering the angle of a closed-circuit television camera so it no longer recorded the scene.
Daily Telegraph


Blogger gazza27 said...

Wow,that guy need's help!

1:21 AM  
Blogger ByronB said...

Perhaps he thought the X Men movies were real life?
Didn't Wonder Woman deflect bullets with her wrist bangles?

4:07 AM  

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