Thursday, August 03, 2006

Call in the Big Guy!

Let us pray to solve crime, say police
By Richard Alleyne
(Filed: 03/08/2006)

A rural police constabulary is calling on the ultimate special constable to help in its fight against crime: God.
Lincolnshire Police officers are launching a Prayer Watch scheme, asking churchgoers to focus their prayers on particular crimes that are blighting their communities, such as burglaries and violent attacks.
Under the proposals, churches and Christian groups will receive e-mails from the police alerting them to specific crimes, which they can then use to focus their prayers towards solving or preventing in the future.
A Lincolnshire Police spokesman, Dick Holmes, said: "In one sense it is similar to the conventional watch schemes like Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watch in that it encourages congregations to keep an eye on church buildings. They are prime targets for thieves and vandals."
Daily Telegraph


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