Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Distinctive walk lands gay burglar in prison
By Amy Iggulden
(Filed: 04/08/2006)

A homosexual burglar was caught after a victim identified his "distinctive walk" on CCTV, a court was told yesterday.
Lance Williams, 19, broke into a house in his Welsh village of Rhymney to steal £400 at knifepoint. Three burglars were recorded on CCTV as they left the scene, but only Williams was caught.
He had apparently tried to disguise his identity by putting a scarf over his face and lowering his voice before breaking into the home of Nigel Jones, 42, who was stabbed in the back with the knife.
"Mr Jones was shown CCTV footage and recognised Williams," Michael Hammett, prosecuting, said. "He knew him as a local youth who had a distinctive walk."
Daily Telegraph


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As he was getting off he shouted "chase me"

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