Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gapping the bridge

Payback time for Washington commuters
By Jack Fairweather in Washington
(Filed: 12/08/2006)

Commuters to Washington DC, who have raged at the hours lost in traffic jams for years, will be offered a rare chance for revenge later this month.
A competition has begun to find someone to blow up the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, one the nation's worst bottlenecks.
Motorists can log on to the bridge project's website and record their worst experiences crossing the bridge, where the eight-lane road narrows to six with no hard shoulder. The one deemed to have suffered the most by a panel of transport experts will get to blow up a half-mile section of the bridge. Officials for the bridge project say the competition, which began this week, has been inundated with entries.

Daily Telegraph


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