Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's taxing being a thief

Thief told to pay £200,000 tax on haul
By Malcolm Moore in Rome
(Filed: 12/08/2006)

An Italian thief who stole more than a million euros from a vault has been asked to pay £200,000 tax on his takings.
He is the first person to be hit with a new law introduced at the end of last month which states that money gained from theft or fraud are taxable.
His lawyer, Giancarlo Massari, said yesterday his client was "disconsolate".
Antonio Perrone, 38, who has the bespectacled appearance of a mild-mannered bank clerk, carried out the heist two years ago in the northern town of Bolzano.
He was convicted of the theft of ?1.3 million (£875,000) and sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Two of his co-workers were found guilty of helping him.
Perrone has been hit with a ?300,000 capital gains tax bill and will also have to pay a fine for tax evasion.
Daily Telegraph


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