Tuesday, August 08, 2006


China's karaoke police censor lyrics of 'unhealthy' favourites
By Peter Simpson in Beijing
(Filed: 06/08/2006)

To the finely tuned ear, the discordant warbling that pours out of China's karaoke lounges would be reason enough for the government to pull the plug on the singalong craze.
It is not the tortured octaves that have offended the ruling Communist Party, however, but the lyrics.
The Ministry of Culture has issued new rules to prevent "unhealthy" karaoke songs from polluting the nation's morals and millions of amateur divas, who croon with friends and family down at the local KTV (karaoke music video) parlour, are about to have some of their favourite songs struck off the play list.
If the censors have their way, straight out of China's karaoke hit parade will go chart-topper Go for Fun Alone. Critics have deemed as unacceptable opening lines judged to be riddled with defiance and independence after a love affair gone wrong.
"I don't want to be controlled? I say goodbye to you, even though I don't want to be lonely" is followed by the blunt admission: "I want to find another lover, but I am not used to this kind of [single] life."
Also threatened by the puritans' axe is the raunchy hit Office, which describes a secretive, work romance and includes the lyrics: "Look at the clothes on the desk, we spend so many nights together like tonight. Don't switch off the light in the office, and listen carefully, just in case Mr Zhou comes back to get his book."
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