Tuesday, August 08, 2006

That rings a bell ...

Airports warning for 'radioactive' patients
By Celia Hall, Medical Editor
(Filed: 04/08/2006)

Patients who have had treatment with radioactive isotopes are triggering airport security screens, doctors warn in a study published today.
The study, in the British Medical Journal, says unsuspecting patients are being subjected to full searches and interrogation and need to be warned that they may attract the unwanted attentions of security officers.
One 46 year-old patient from Birmingham, who had been given radio-isotope treatment for an overactive thyroid, six weeks before, set off alarms at Orlando airport, Florida at the start of his holiday.
He was detained and strip searched, and sniffer dogs were used. After a lengthy interrogation, the treatment card evidence he produced was finally accepted.
Daily Telegraph


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