Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Up before the beak

Trapped by a parrot's peck
By Amy Iggulden
(Filed: 04/08/2006)

Micky, a cantankerous 50-year-old macaw, was still missing yesterday despite leading detectives to the man who stole him.
The bird bit Tristan Maidment, 23, so badly that police were able to trace the kidnapper through DNA in the blood he left on the floor of a pet shop in Frome, Somerset.
Angus Hart, 45, the pet shop proprietor who owned Micky for 10 years, thinks it will not be long before the new owners crack under the violence of the macaw's temper.
"He's a miserable old git, to be honest with you," he said. "We don't know where he is but he'll be hard work to look after.
"We're missing him and so is everybody else. He doesn't talk much but he can be quite cute and cuddly when he wants to be. If he didn't like you he'd certainly have a go at you.
"He did a good job with the man who took him and left plenty of blood at the scene for the police."
Daily Telegraph


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