Thursday, October 05, 2006

Every Man an Island...

Sark vote brings end to last feudal state in Europe
By Richard Savill
(Filed: 05/10/2006)

The tiny Channel Island of Sark, Europe's last feudal state, has voted to introduce a fully democratic government.
After 450 years of feudalism, the law-making body, the Chief Pleas, voted unanimously to adopt the change that ensures the island's parliament and electoral system complies with the European Convention on Human Rights.
Sark has been governed by the Chief Pleas, headed by the Seigneur, Michael Beaumont, which comprised 40 landowners. But now the Chief Pleas is to be made up of 28 elected deputies or conscilliers, as they are to be known.
The island agreed in March to change its centuries-old system of government, which could trace its roots directly back to Queen Elizabeth I, who granted the ruling Seigneur a fief on the island.
The unelected descendants of 40 families brought in to colonise Sark, after the French abandoned it in 1553, have governed life on the island ever since.
The Seigneur will remain as the public figurehead of the island. But his powers to all intents and purposes have been removed. Once the new constitution becomes law, elections will follow shortly afterwards. It is expected they will take place next year.
Daily Telegraph


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