Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting the wrong signals...

Now condensation is to blame for train delays
By David Millward, Transport Correspondent
Last Updated: 1:19am BSTĀ 28/10/2006

Commuters have had to put up with the leaves on the line and the wrong sort of snow, but this morning the excuse given to passengers as they crawled towards London was "condensation".
The explanation was given to around 500 people on the 7.30 from Southampton to Waterloo service at the end of what has been a wretched few days for customers on South West trains.
They have had to put up with a derailment at the start of the week and late running engineering works. Any hopes they may have had of a smooth journey were dashed when the train was stuck at a series of signals around Winchester. According to passengers on the train, the guard told them that the sudden cold snap had led to condensation on signals, which had to be turned red as a precaution.
As a result trains had to be "talked through" each one, adding more than an hour to the journey.
Daily Telegraph


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