Tuesday, October 10, 2006

See Naples? I can smell it from here!

See Naples and cry at the piles of rubbish
By Malcolm Moore in Rome
(Filed: 10/10/2006)

A sea of smelly waste is swamping Naples and rubbish is piled 20 yards long and one-storey high since the city's waste-processing stations were overwhelmed last week.
The city is on the brink of a refuse emergency, with 2,500 tons of detritus left in the street because it cannot be burnt by the incinerators. The crisis developed after seven of the 14 incinerators were closed by magistrates because they did not meet environmental standards. At the weekend, one of the remaining seven plants closed for maintenance and the rest could not cope.
The situation is so serious that residents have taken to setting the waste alight. Over the weekend, the fire brigade said it had been inundated by hundreds of emergency calls about burning refuse.
Although they resumed work yesterday, the waste disposal company said it did not have enough lorries with cranes to dismantle the enormous piles that have built up.
Daily Telegraph


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Up shit creak!

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Too right - and not a paddle in sight!

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